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//um guys my finger slipped (a lot) and i made a male Crona rp blog for any of you people dabbling in the Soul Eater fandom 

“Datteba-YO! Who the hell are you!?” [Madara, Naruto]



Wait- that was way easier than he’d anticipated. Was it really that simple?? Was Madara actually halfway to being a decent human being?? 

Well, those thoughts could wait for a later, less insane date, because he’d been given ninety seconds and that was far more than he needed. He should be making an escape plan, right?? Because staying here was far too dangerous for Kurama, if not himself, and finding his team before the Uchihas found them was of top priority. Only problem was…. Naruto was sort of stuck in his escape plan. So far, ‘escaping the Uchiha camp’ was the only action on the escape plan, and without the details, he wasn’t sure as to how far he’d actually get in that. 

….Okay perhaps that wasn’t the only problem. There was still a very pressing matter at hand, and Naruto glanced around the tent in confusion. 

"H-hey! Where am i s’pposed to- ya’know, go??” 

Was this kid serious?

“It’s a temporary tent on a dirt floor, you figure it out.” Madara shook his head and sighed as he answered.

This was still an odd situation for him. He was still skeptical about allowing even the smallest bit of leeway, but there was still strategy to it. As long as human needs were being met, and there was no excessive force used, a detainment could be determined perfectly acceptable. Yet, to get any information out of the kid that could be valuable, that was difficult to do without possibly having to rely on techniques that would be seen as excessive. Basic needs had to be met, which he was willing to provide. Water from a nearby stream was plentiful, and while food wasn’t exactly in large supply there was enough to spare a decent meal for the kid.

The thing that concerned the Uchiha most was still that chakra, that strange chakra that swirled within the Uzumaki. It twisted and writhed, the slight pulses coming from it were ominous. He was still counting the time, and even intended to allow slightly longer than he had stated, just to ensure there was some level of hospitality. Yet while he waited he turned over the things he already knew. Yes, the Uzumaki Clan was renowned for their sealing abilities, so it made perfect sense for his chakra to be odd. The problem was, Madara was reading two distinct chakra signatures from the blonde. Was it possible, that the Uzumaki had found a way to seal something within a human vessel? The thought unnerved him and he intended to test his theory.

“Time’s up kid,” he said as he stepped back inside the tent.

"Wh-hey!! Gimme a friggin’ second-" Hurriedly, the blond zipped his pants back up, a look of irritation drawing his brows together. He was seriously getting tired of this guy pushing him around, but so far the Great Escape Plan was no further along than the title he’d spent some 90 seconds thinking up. Grumbling, he stiffly strode back to the chair, giving one of the legs a kick for good measure before unceremoniously dumping his ass back into it. Ankles crossed, arms crossed, and Naruto scowled at the Uchiha in the most unfriendly manner that he could muster. 

"So are you just gonna keep me cooped up in here then?? ‘Cuz i’ve got better places to be and i don’t wanna be held prisoner in a tent that you just made me piss in, ‘ttebayo!!"  


αмвєя αη∂ ‘тαcнι’ѕ αρρяєcιαтιση ρσѕт

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Guidance and Leadership



A small smile tugged a Naruto’s lips, and he tipped his head to the side. It seemed almost… strange, for the Kazekage to bring up such a childish game. One he hadn’t played since his days in the academy, for sure, and his grin brightened at the sudden sense of nostalgia that overcame him. 

"Sure. I haven’t played that in forever, ‘ttebayo!" Still resting his cheek in his cupped palm, the blond brought his over hand forwards, resting his elbow on the table as his palm curled into a loose fist. "Not since…. wow, not since i was a kid!” 

Gaara found that statement rather amusing in a way considering that way Naruto acted was rather kid like itself. So in some ways, Naruto was still just a kid. However, Naruto was also very much grown up- they bother had grown up a lot since when they were younger. Before everything had happened to them. It was rally hard to think about and sometime Gaara still couldn’t believe that it all happened, but truthfully Gaara wouldn’t really want to change anything at all. 

"Kankuro and Temari would play it a lot when we were on long missions. I never really participated, but it was always interesting to watch Kankuro being a sore loser about it all. So, shall we start?

Shaking his hand to the beat of his words, Gaara started the game. “Rock, paper, kunai-“ Gaara threw paper down.

There was no missing the fondness with which Gaara spoke of his siblings, and Naruto’s lips curled up into a small smile as he threw rock down. He’d never really been good at this game, even if it came down to chance. Or was it perhaps about reading the other person? If that was so, then there was little surprise as to why he kept losing. Though Naruto was generally a good judge of character, reading a person’s expressions and body language was an entirely different story for the somewhat oblivious shinobi. 

"Ack, dammit, i don’t think i’ve ever won a damn round of this game!" He exclaimed, exasperation lacing his tone as he let his head hang melodramatically. 

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I've got soul, but i'm not a soldier ▷

//um guys my finger slipped (a lot) and i made a male Crona rp blog for any of you people dabbling in the Soul Eater fandom 

//crud, I’d planned on rping all evening but I got dragged out and now I’m just too tired =____=